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AMSOIL Series 2000
Synthetic 75w-90 Gear Lube

AMSOIL Series 2000 75w-90 Gear Lube. Click on picture for larger image.AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Lube delivers unbeatable protection and up to 4.83% more fuel economy.

It has the film strength required to deliver all the protection heavy-duty and high-stress applications need in a fuel-saving viscosity grade.

 Recommended for use in all passenger vehicles, commercial trucks and race vehicles subject to stop-and-go driving, short trips, high temperatures, frequent trailer pulling and off-road use.

Recommended for differentials or manual transmissions calling for GL-2 thru GL-5 or MT-1 gear lube.

Remains fluid at -51 F, so your vehicle receives cold start lubrication. Lowers operating temperatures up to 50 F.  This greatly reduces wear and prolongs the life of your transmission and differential.

AMSOIL Series 2000 75w-90 benefits:

  • Fuel mileage increase up to 4.83%

  • Lower operating temperatures up to 50 F

  • Fill for life in most applications

  • Longer operating life

 AMSOIL Series 2000 75w-90 applications:

  • Passenger cars and trucks   

  • Commercial, construction, farm, fleets and industrial vehicles

  • Marine craft

  • Motorhomes and RV's

  • High performance vehicles


Note: AMSOIL gear lubes provide limited slip performance. Although generally not needed, AMSOIL Slip Lock may be used in conjunction with AMSOIL gear lubes.

After changing your vehicles limited slip lube, drive it in a tight "figure 8" pattern (lock to lock turns) for a minimum of 8 repetitions.

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AMSOIL Series 2000 75w-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
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TGR-QT 1 quart 2.1
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TGR-05 (1) 5 gallon pail 40.3
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Also available in 16, 30, 55 and 275 gallon containers
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